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Our Services

Strategic Property Management provides comprehensive building management services for industrial properties; office buildings; mixed-use facilities; retail environments; and portfolios of mixed property types. Learn more about how Strategic can maximize the value of your assets here.

Strategic Property Management is a licensed condominium management service provider in Ontario. Strategic has experienced condominium managers to help residential and commercial corporations navigate the complex world of condominium management. Learn more about SPM's condominium management services here.

Financial Accounting & Rent Collection

Property Administration & Legal Matters

Strategic uses modern accounting software to prepare monthly financial statements for its clients. Each report includes a balance sheet, income statement, receivables summary, rent roll, and/or customizable reports. Strategic Property Management is experienced with collecting rent and fees in a variety of scenarios while implementing prudent methods and negotiation tactics.

SPM provides a wide array of administrative services, including tax management (filings & appeals); mortgage financing; distributions to owners; and compliance with applicable laws and regulatory authorities. Strategic and its staff of qualified managers are experienced at dealing with lawyers so that any legal proceedings are handled efficiently.

A Brief History

Since 1996, Strategic Property Management has proudly served its clients in Southern Ontario and beyond. Currently, Strategic is a trusted service provider to condominium corporations and private real estate investors, and government organizations. See our real estate portfolio here.


Strategic is a family-run company with core values of responsiveness, trust and ingenuity. Senior management is hands-on which ensures all properties and clients receive the attention they deserve. SPM's corporate philosophy is to adopt the owners' vision in how to manage the properties over the long term which allows Strategic to provide value enhancement. Meet the staff at Strategic Property Management by clicking here.


200 – 1097 North Service Road E
Oakville, Ontario


(289) 301-8301

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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