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Multi Storey Building

Physical Building Management

Financial & Accounting Services

Strategic understands the importance of engaging reputable service providers to repair & maintain the condominium inside and out. Their licensed managers can coordinate performance audits and Tarion warranty assessments; arrange & interpret reserve fund studies; and suggest improvements to the property to increase the value of each unit. Strategic Property Management can offer regular property inspections & reports along with pictures & recommendations. SPM's staff is familiar with all types of building systems such as plumbing; electrical; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); building envelope; and concrete & asphalt.

Strategic has an in-depth knowledge of how financial statements work in conjunction with an operating budget. The team keeps a close eye on how the condominium is operating compared to the budget, and makes recommendations accordingly. Strategic Property Management issues monthly financial reports with a balance sheet, income statement, receivables summary, unit roll, and/or customizable reports. SPM can develop a thorough and easily understandable reserve fund investment strategy.

Condominium Law

Property Administration

Strategic is familiar at dealing with condominium lawyers so that legal bills do not accumulate unnecessarily. There are many different legal scenarios that can arise such as Tarion and Developer related cases; amendments to condominium documents; noise or odour migration issues; and unit owner liens. Strategic Property Management has the experience, organizational skills, and professionalism to handle any legal scenario. They also stay current on the latest legal cases and news, as well as attend industry conferences. SPM is familiar with the Condominium Authority Tribunal process.

Since 2017, the Ontario government regulated the condominium industry. Strategic Property Management is current with the latest laws and can be trusted to adhere to the stringent regulations. SPM is experienced with holding owners meetings and taking minutes; filing returns with the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO); enforcing rules & regulations; and communicating with unit owners electronically or via mail. 

Condominium Management Services


200 – 1097 North Service Road E
Oakville, Ontario


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